Unique and unusual gift for the person with everything - the means to publish and write a Kindle book because they have a story worth telling. close

You have:

Platinum Gift Voucher – £437

Platinum Gift Voucher – £437

– the choice of ten million pictures for your book cover or you can supply your own cover picture
– four hours on-line writing coaching
– the support of a copy editor to help you (up to 24,000 words)
– the conversion formatting needed to make your book “Kindle ready”
– an on-line publicity campaign (two hours) to get your book noticed
– help to put your book into Amazon’s Kindle store for your friends to buy and download


You can add these Options:

– Writing coaching per hour – £36.00
– Bespoke cover (from 10 million images) – £30.00
– Additional 1000 word copy editing – £6.00
– Help to write (on-line help for one hour) – £36.00
– Support to get Amazon published (on-line help for one hour) – £36.00
– Publicity and book marketing (2 hours) – £100.00
– Own cover image – £24.00