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How to write software for sale

“How to write software for sale” by John McMillan Published in Kindle format 16/1/13


How to write software for sale

There are many opportunities to make money by writing and selling packaged software applications. However it is a cliché that there is no easy way to make money and this is as true of software as of anything else. It takes a lot of time to write programs. It takes a lot more to make them work properly. Finding most of the bugs takes time, finding almost all of them takes ages. Bugs surface for months or even years after software is released. If you don’t want a bad reputation they have to be fixed, and quickly. Persuading people to use new software is one of the hardest jobs going. It can take months, sometimes even years before the market accepts a new software package. There is no single way to make money by selling software. You may, for example, have an idea for an app for mobile devices. You may have software written for your company that you would like to sell to other companies, or you may be writing a commercial package from scratch. Whilst in some ways, these are very different, many of the issues are the same. This book gives a guide to what is needed to make successful sales. Some of it is written for people who have not had formal training in software design or programming. On the other hand, for the experienced developer, there are sections on the non technical matters such as marketing and charging.


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