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“How to market your business” by John McMillan published in Kindle format 11 August 2013


How to market your businessThis book shows you how to market your business.Marketing is often compared to an iceberg where 90% is below the water line and is unseen. This book is about marketing below the water line. It explains how to understand what your customers really want and what you are best at doing. After that, you can decide who to target, which messages to send and  the best ways to send those messages.

Marketing is one of the most important parts of business.  If you get the marketing right and have the right management team, you will almost certainly succeed.  If the marketing is wrong, you will be very unlikely to succeed.  The days are long gone – if indeed they ever existed – when you could open your doors for business and customers would come flocking in.  You need a product that people want and are prepared to buy.  It is not enough to have a great product.  It has been said that twenty different people invented the light bulb but Edison is the one who is remembered.  This is because he brought it to market.



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